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Dick Aubie, owner of PJ'S bar in Augusta

I'm passing this info along....

Hello everyone,

The church service for Dick is Saturday the 27th at 11:00 AM at St. Augustine's church on Sand Hill in Augusta.  Let all the rest of our friends and family know. 

The date (January 16th 2009) has been set aside for a benefit show, dedicated to Dick and Ann Aubie,  will be held at PJ's, (Papa Joe's)  Water St. Augusta, ME . Please get the word around. 

If anyone would like to participate in the show also, let me know.  Thanks.
(AKA) Nene

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Lesbian Connection magazine!

Hello from Margy at Lesbian Connection magazine!  I’m trying to get the word out to lesbians everywhere about our FREE magazine.  In case you haven’t heard of LC before, or if you just lost touch with us, here’s some info:
Lesbian Connection is the free worldwide forum of news, ideas, and information for, by, and about lesbians.  We’ve been publishing since 1974, and we mail issues out every other month in plain brown envelopes (the word “lesbian” doesn’t appear anywhere on the outside).
This magazine is a grassroots forum, which means it’s truly written by our readers.  On its pages you’ll find info for lesbians on places to live and where to travel, lesbian B&Bs and guesthouses, websites, cruises, festivals, conferences, lesbian land and retirement communities, products (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.), campgrounds and retreats, lesbian lawyers and realtors, as well as the comic strip “Dykes to Watch Out For,” and much more.  There are also reviews, articles, and letters dealing with whatever issues LC’s readers are talking about, from “The L Word” to health issues, relationships, and politics. 
So, if you’re a lesbian and you’d like to start receiving LC, all you need to do is email us ( your full name and complete (snail mail) mailing address and we’ll be happy to add you to our list.  (By the way, our mailing list is totally confidential; we never sell, loan or share it with anyone else.)  We’d also like to know where you heard about us.  In case you’re wondering LC survives on the donations we receive from our readers.  However, contributions are voluntary and subscriptions really are free to all lesbians.  Our goal is, quite simply, to connect the lesbian community worldwide.  (F.Y.I. our official name and address is Elsie Publishing Institute (EPI), PO Box 811, East Lansing, MI 48826, ph 517-371-5257, fax 517-371-5200.  EPI is a tax-deductible 501(c)3 nonprofit charity.) 
We hope to hear from you soon, and feel free to forward this email on to your lesbian friends and list-serves!
For Lesbian Connection,
P.S. If you email us by the end of the month we should be able to get you into our next mailing.

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April 18th (Wednesday), Unity, Day of Silence; Breaking the Silence Bash. This event is free and open to all. Singer-Songwriter Magdalen Hsu-Li will perform from her latest CD Smashing The Ceiling from 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm at the Unity Centre for the Performing Arts. (This live, high energy performance speaks to the intersection of race, gender and the arts. Magdalen Hsu-Li is an internationally acclaimed bisexual, feminist, Asian American, musican, visual artist, speaker, and cultural activist. To learn more about Magdalen, check out her web site at ) An interactive True Diversity workshop follows the concert. (The True Diversity workshop further works to explore race and gender and societal/cultural programming. It helps us understand our own diversity, allows us to share our beliefs about race, culture, gender, and programming, explores the difference between programming and instinct, gives us tools for taking action and options for involvement, and offers suggestions for re-programming techniques.) The entire night is a tribute to the National Day of Silence. There will be food available before and after the concert. The Unity Performing Arts Centre is located at 42 Depot St in Unity, Maine. (For directions to the center go to ) FMI about the event contact: faight5by5

Slates in Hallowell is burning!

Slates in Hallowell is burning!  

I just watched the roof cave in as I was trying to get back out of town after stopping at the fish market for Maine shrimp.

I was diverted onto Second Street as I was coming into town from Augusta, I saw thick black smoke downtown and as I got closer, thought it was The Slates Bakery building - as I came back out after getting my shrimp, I saw that it was indeed the restaurant.

What a shame....


Second Central Maine Clayers "Clay Day"!!

I just wanted to remind you all of our second clay day, NEXT Saturday, December 9th from 10AM to 2PM at Dottie's again. (Thanks so much Dottie!!)

We'll be working on caning. I'll bring some of my PolymerCAFE magazines!!

Remember to bring your own lunch and drinks!

Email me for directions!

connie pelkey AT gmail DOT com

(you know how to fix this address)
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This makes me even more happy seeing as the interim president for my school had this forwarded to the student and faculty listserv!


  The Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence (CPHV) is launching a statewide study to obtain information on the extent and impact of discrimination against members of Maine 's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender communities. Maine citizens and lawmakers have, for many years now, debated adding sexual orientation to the state's anti-discrimination laws.  However, there has been a lack of hard data about the pervasiveness and seriousness of discrimination.  This study is a way to supply that crucial data. CPHV intends to collect this critical data by interviewing scores of GLBT individuals across the state; from York to Aroostook County .

  This information is so critical because of the many Mainers who believe GLBT individuals should be treated fairly, but do not believe that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is a real problem.  By conducting this study, CPHV hopes to provide Maine with a realistic understanding of anti-GLBT discrimination.  In light of the upcoming November referendum, this project is of even greater importance.

  We are currently interviewing individuals and intend to finalize data collection by mid-September. Through personal stories and experiences, we expect to gain a deeper understanding of both the extent and impact of discrimination in Maine .

  However, only with your assistance can we succeed in this much needed study. 

  We are looking for names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers of individuals who have experienced discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. 


§          E-mail or call us to set up an interview.  These interviews will likely last between ½ hour to an hour, depending on the nature of your experiences.

§          Provide us with names and contact information of individuals who you believe would be willing to be interviewed.  Note:   We will be using your name as a referral source. 

§          Pass along this e-mail to friends, loved ones, organizations, congregations, etc. who may be interested in participating in outreach or interviews.

  All interviews are voluntary and confidential. No names or identifying information will be used in materials or efforts resulting from this study or shared outside of our organization unless explicitly agreed to by the participant.  Interviews can be conducted by phone if necessary. 

  Thank you for your time and consideration.

  GLBT Project Staff

The Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence